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I entered the fitness industry after a successful modeling career. I was eager to soak up as much knowledge as possible and it wasn’t long before my training techniques became internationally recognized. My methods are now available globally online especially for you.

I started my own fitness business initially operating out of a corner of my home and eventually I was able to open up a 10,000 square-foot gym in the Flat Iron called Peak Performance. I was lucky to train A-list celebrities like Gerard Butler, 50 Cent, Anne Hathaway and so many more amazing celebrity clients meaning my gym grew into one of the most respected gyms in the US and was even named one of the top 10 gyms in America by Men’s Health Magazine.

This incredible journey has evolved so much over the last several years and has brought me to what I have created as the Dowdell Fitness Systems - all available to you today, from the comfort of your own home or your own commercial gym. I can be your trainer no matter where you are in the world.


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Take a look at some of the programs that I have created. Use the Program Builder to find the perfect one for you. Get closer to looking and feeling your best with my personalised and easy to follow programs.


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All my programs are designed individually by me and that means I am invested in your individual success. I have included a host of resources to aid your workouts and help you progress through your program. Remember, I'm with you every step of the way.


Are you a fitness professional and want to further your expertise and education? Then why not take advantage of the Peak Perform University that gives you access to a wealth of information to help further your career as a fitness trainer. With courses delivered by some of the industry's finest, The Peak Perform University is a fantastic resource.


Don't Just Take My Word For It - Read On To See What My Client's Have To Say About My Fitness Programs


"I first started training with Joe Dowdell in 2003 when I was preparing to shoot Phantom of the Opera. Since then we've worked together whenever I'm in New York. His knowledge and passion for training is second to none. He will get you to where you want to be and you'll have fun getting there. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Gerard Butler

Hollywood Actor


"Joe is one of the top trainers in the country, and his gym, Peak Performance in New York City, has been ranked among America’s ten best gyms by Men’s Health magazine.”

50 Cent

Rapper & Actor

HOLLYWOOD, CA - MARCH 06: Claire Danes attends the "Homeland" presentation during the Paley Center for Media's 32nd Annual PALEYFEST LA held at the Dolby Theater on March 6, 2015 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage)

“Curiously, I love training with Joe Dowdell. I say "curiously," because, three times a week, he orders me to drag up to fifty pounds of weight on what he calls "the sled" across the gym floor, puts me in steel contraptions that closely resemble torture devices, and makes me run, row, kick, and punch until I sweat profusely and gasp for precious oxygen. He claims to do all of this for my health. It turns out, he's right. After working with Joe for over a year and a half, I have never been stronger, more integrated, or more energetic. And unfailingly, despite all of my protests, I feel significantly better after working out than I do before. Somehow, Joe manages to make the experience of getting pushed to my physical limits fulfilling and (eek!) fun.”

Claire Danes



“The summer of 2011 was huge for me and it was spent in NYC. Luckily, I found a great trainer in Joe. The short time we spent working together was invaluable. Joe’s program, assistance and friendship helped propel me into an All Star season. Joe definitely is one of the top three strength coaches I have ever worked with. I would definitely recommend him if you want to reach your Peak potential.”

Roy Hibbert

Basketball Player, NBA All-Star, Denver Nuggets


"If Hollywood has a best kept secret in New York, it is Peak Performance.”

Anne Hathaway



"Joe keeps me in great shape, so much so that, at the gym, people sometimes confuse me for Hilary Swank.”

Jimmy Fallon

TV Host


“Joe, you’re like a symphony conductor with exercises”

Mario Lopez

TV Host


“I was privileged to work with Joe and his team at Peak Performance whilst training for "The Hobbit" over a 2 year period. I continued that work for "Hannibal" which required different criteria and have maintained a training regime with Joe, even when I am on a different continent! Joe is great at tailoring the training for specific goals, which are both realistic and achievable. In addition, he has great colleagues who collaborate in the field Nutrition and Physiotherapy. Aside from this he's a great guy and a pleasure to work with.”

Richard Armitage



“Life on the road as a musician can be pretty grueling. Fortunately, for me, I found Peak Performance and my trainer, Joe Dowdell. Under his guidance and their care, Peak Performance has become the perfect antidote to my hectic lifestyle and I always look forward to returning to NY and my workouts. Oh, and by the way, I have to disagree with Claire, the chocolate-peanut butter protein shakes—kick #*%!!!”

Chris Botti



“I began training with Joe Dowdell at Peak Performance in preparation for my photo shoot for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Because of the high profile nature of the Swimsuit Issue, I wanted to make sure that I was in the best shape possible for the shoot. Therefore, at the suggestion of my agency, I met with Joe and we began working together 3 days a week. In addition to our training sessions, he referred me to a nutritionist, which was also a tremendous help in my preparation. By utilizing a combination of strength training, interval training and proper nutrition, I was extremely pleased with my photos for the issue.”

Josie Maran



"I have had the pleasure to train at Peak Performance Sports & Fitness Center. During this time, I have worked with Joe Dowdell to prepare myself for several feature films. Joe has taught me a great deal about the importance of proper exercise technique and in the process has helped transform my physique. I felt so comfortable and confident in his abilities as a trainer that I even sent my mother to train with him”

John Leguizamo



"I have been working out with Joe for about two years. I really like training at Peak Performance because it is smaller and more private than most gyms. Each client is with their own trainer, which makes it so much easier to be focused on the exercises. Also, since I travel frequently, he designed a specific workout program for me for when I'm on the road. Now, when I'm traveling, I can go to the gym and feel more confident that I am performing my program correctly. In fact, he has taught me so well that I'm even teaching my boyfriend how to perform some of his exercises better.”

Annie Morton

Model, 1 Model Management


"I really wasn't into training when I first heard about Joe. My friend, Ines Rivero, was working out with him and she convinced me to try him out. I'm a very lazy person and it takes me forever to get myself into the right mood to train. I always seem to find something more important or urgent to do. Now, everything is different! I go to Peak Performance and see Joe 2 or 3 times a week—and I feel great. It's not just about the shape of my body, but it’s also the way it makes me feel. I can now say that I am a stronger and more disciplined person as a result of training. What I like most about training with Joe is the way he trains me. He is calm and quiet. He explains to me exactly how and why we are performing each exercise. Also, what is important for me is that as I travel a lot and it is quite difficult for me to stay in a routine, but he manages to keep me going.”

Eugenia Silva

Model, Next Model Management


"I began training with Joe Dowdell at Peak Performance in preparation for the Victoria Secret Runway Show in Cannes, France. Since I was going to be wearing the most revealing of outfits in front of a live audience-not to mention the millions of people watching a live broadcast over the Internet-I wanted to make sure that I was in the best shape possible. I have always enjoyed working out, but I must admit it was quite different training with Joe. His knowledge and understanding of strength training and conditioning really impressed me. Through our combined efforts, I feel that I was able to exceed my expectations. At one point, I was performing 4 to 5 Chin Ups by myself. I would recommend Joe and Peak Performance to anyone who is looking to take their training regimen to another level.”

Ines Rivero

Model, Ford Model Management


“I began training with Joe at the suggestion of my agents, Carol and Kwok (Marilyn’s Model Mgmt). I was going to the gym everyday; doing nothing but cardio and wondering why my body wasn’t changing. After watching Joe’s clients lifting weights, dragging sleds, hoisting Kettlebells and performing various other exercises, I decided it was time for a change. Over the last year, I have trained several times per week with Joe and both my agents and I are extremely happy with the results.”


Caroline Trentini

Model, Marilyn’s Model Management


"For the past four years, I have been lucky enough to train and become friends with Joe Dowdell. Not only has he whipped me into shape for my work as a model, but he has also prepared me for the numerous marathons and other crazy adventures that I like to do. Although I have definitely complained about dragging the sled across the gym floor, and could possibly be one of his most difficult clients, I have to say he is an excellent trainer and I am extremely happy with the results. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in getting into great physical shape."

Samantha Tannehill

Model, Next Model Management


“I rely on Joe Dowdell to keep my butt in shape! His expertise, experience and motivating energy keep me on track and coming back to him religiously. I have tried every type of exercise out there and his combinations of strength training and cardio blasts have given me the results I have always hoped for. There is not a better trainer out there.”

Carmindy Acosta

TV Personality


"Boxing with Joe is fun if your idea of a good time is throwing punches until you collapse; getting helped up off the floor for some more intense training by kicking the heavy bag until your legs feel like bricks. All the while, the clock seems to stand virtually still. Finally, we finish everything off by pushing an iron structure, called the Prowler, across the gym 4 times as if I were training for the Super Bowl! Fortunately, for me, that's my idea of a GREAT time! And, the best part is I get to return the favor by putting him through an intense Yoga workout.”

Tara Stiles

World Renowned Yoga Instructor


“I have been working as a model for 10 years and it has always been a challenge for me to stay in perfect shape. After having my baby, I was anxious to get back to work, but I was also worried about how to get started again. From the beginning, Joe has been a great trainer and coach. Not only did help me get my body back in shape, but he also helped me regain my confidence. He guided me through a mixture of strength training workouts and cardiovascular routines. His advice on how to eat properly was really extremely helpful since I was still breast-feeding during the first three months of our training. Now, my daughter is 19 months and I am a size 4! Ironically, I am smaller and leaner than before my pregnancy! I feel healthy, strong and happy to be working out with someone of great competence.”

Esther De Jong

Wilhelmina Model Management


“Joe is one of the best trainers I’ve ever had!!! PERFECT! Obrigado Joe.”

Eduardo “Telles” Moreira

Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, World Master’s Champion, World Champion No-Gi (2013), 3x World Bronze Medalist


“I live in Brazil, but I was recently in New York for six weeks to train and coach. During that time, I had the privilege to train with Joe Dowdell at his gym, Peak Performance. The training was amazing—very intense and extremely motivating. I was exposed to many different training techniques and methods that I had never used before. I will be returning to NYC in January 2011, in order to prepare for my next MMA fight. I am really looking forward to having his guidance through an entire training camp. I know it’s going to give me a tremendous advantage in my next fight.”

Gabriel Miglioli

Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, Bellator MMA


"I had the pleasure of meeting Joe Dowdell 2 years ago after my coach Vitor Shaolin introduced me to him at the Peak facility. At the time, I was an amateur MMA Fighter and BJJ competitor. I knew I needed to add a few things to my arsenal in order to make it to the pros. One of the biggest and best additions was working with Joe and his amazing staff at Peak Performance NYC. The first year Joe helped me get 3rd place in the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu federation World championship. Joe has not only turned me into a better athlete but is also a great friend who is always truly concerned with the well-being of all his clients. I always feel at home when I’m at peak. Looking forward to reaching my peak with Joe and becoming a world Champion in MMA. Thanks you Joe and all the staff."

Sergio Da Silva

MMA Fighter, CFFC

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