12-Week Summer Body Blueprint: Get Summer Shredded Now

Are you ready to trade t-shirts and shorts for tank tops and swim trunks? It takes the perfect workout plan to swap belly fat and skin folds for strong, lean muscles. Imagine tossing your shirt aside this summer and showing off your brand new body featuring eye-catching arms, a sculpted chest, boulder shoulders, and chiseled abs.

My 12-Week Summer Body Blueprint is a science-backed experience designed to blast fat and sculpt rippling, lean muscle, while supercharging your self-confidence, and leaving you feeling strong than ever — physically and mentally. If you want to look jacked year-round, this is the program to finally build a rock-hard body others admire.

Show off for your wife, leave your significant other in awe, and feel ultra-confident and comfortable as you hit the beach, live the lake life, and toast the summer sun. No shirt needed when you’re summer shredded :).

What you can expect from the 12-Week Summer Body Blueprint:

  • Eye-catching muscles. Look lean, strong, and toned.
  • Blast stubborn body fat. Say so long to belly fat and love handles.
  • Killer self-confidence. The kind that makes you instantly ditch your shirt at the beach.
  • Renewed energy. No more afternoon crashes or extra snoozes.
  • Superior strength. You’ve never felt this strong before — guaranteed.
  • Stress relief. We’re gonna swap stress for sweat.
  • Optimal performance. Perform your best at the gym, in the league, and at the office.
  • Six-Pack Abs & Thick Arms. You’re not swimsuit-ready without this dynamic duo.

Your Forging the Foundations: Your 12-Week Summer Body Bundle Includes:

  • The 12-Week Summer Body Blueprint. A step-by-step blueprint for building the summer body of your dreams. The system is split into (3) 4-Week Phases of total-body workouts and energy system sequences to kick start your transformation and unlock ongoing results.
  • The Ultimate Nutrition Playbook. Expert tips to drop weight, blast fat, lower cholesterol, control blood sugar, and regulate appetite.
    Summer Shred Exercise Videos. Exclusive content to help you master all of our muscle-building movements.
  • The Pain-Free, Optimal Performance Warm-Up. Prevent injury, stop pain, and ignite your workouts with the warm-up sequence I personally use to stay pain-free.
  • FREE BONUS: The Dowdell Fitness Systems Ultimate Exercise Mobile App. Get your workouts on the go, track your progress, and log everything straight from your phone.
  • FREE BONUS: Exclusive Access to My Inner Circle. You’ll have instant access to my team and me through our private Facebook community.
  • FREE BONUS: Fat Blasting Recipe Videos. Learn how to create delicious, man-approved, fat-burning meals without top-chef skills.
  • FREE BONUS: (6) Foundational Coaching Videos. Supercharge your results with these additional coaching videos for my 8-Week Kickstart students.

*2 Bundles Available. One for those using a home gym and one for those using a fitness facility.

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