16-Week Elite Physique: Advanced Body Comp Program For Men

Warning: Not for the faint of heart. If you’re serious about your health and fitness, you’re always looking for a new challenge. You know that progression is key to unlocking the strength, size, chiseled core, sculpted chest, sleeve-busting arms, and big back that comes with ongoing gains.

Maybe you’re preparing for a photo shoot. Perhaps you’re looking for a new challenge to blast the last of your fat. Or, you’re simply ready for an upgrade as repetitive workouts have gone stale and new PR’s are few and far between. Regardless of your why, you want the kind of programming that challenges the elite of the elite; physique competitors, athletes, fitness models, and elite fit pros. Good news: You’ve come to the right place.

My 16-Week Advanced Body Comp Program is a science-backed experience that builds the ripped physique you see in magazines, all over Hollywood (50 Cent and Gerard Butler are just two big names I’ve worked with :)) and capturing the hearts of women — and the eyes of other men — on social media. Rather than mysteriously wondering what supplements and routine the most chiseled men in the world are on, I’ve created the blueprint to transform your body into the lean, muscular machine you’ve spent years trying to perfect.

If you’re serious about taking your routine to the next level, getting over the hump where your past programs fell short, and building the lean, awe-inducing body reserved for less than 1% of men in the world, my 16-Week Advanced Body Comp Program was tailor-made for you. Are you up for the challenge?

What you can expect from the 16-Week Elite Physique Program:

  • Eye-catching muscles. Get the hard, muscular physique men want and women stare at.
  • Ultra-lean body. Advanced methods target your stubborn body fat to get you leaner than ever.  
  • Aesthetic look. Guaranteed to get you photo shoot ready, social media ready, and beach ready.
  • Significant strength. You no longer have to be weak to be ridiculously lean
  • Six-pack abs & thick arms. Two things every man wants, but most won’t work for.
  • Killer self-confidence. Other men will want to know exactly what you did.
  • New PR’s. Repetitive workouts stall results. Get ready to knock out new PR’s regularly.
  • Maniacal motivation. Like nothing you’ve done before, you’ll instantly be re-motivated.
  • The ultimate challenge. Your lean, muscular body will not come easy.  
  • Remarkable results. Achieve results you never thought were possible.

Your Forging the Foundations: Your 16-Week Elite Physique Package Includes:

  • Your 16-Week Advanced Body Comp Blueprint. A step-by-step guide for your 16-week transformation. The program is split into (4) 4-Week Phases of muscle-chiseling workouts and energy system sequences providing the perfect blend of strength and cardio work. You’ll knock out advanced routines 6 days per week.
  • The Ultimate Nutrition Playbook. Expert tips to build muscle, blast fat, control blood sugar, and regulate appetite so you’re constantly fueling up on the kind of food that supports muscle growth and enhances fat loss.
  • Advanced Exercise Videos. Exclusive videos to help you master all of our elite exercises. With access to these videos straight from your phone, you won’t waste valuable time searching for tutorials.
  • FREE BONUS: The Dowdell Fitness Systems Ultimate Exercise Mobile App. Get your workouts on the go, access exercise tutorials, track your progress, & log everything straight from your phone. Everything you need to transform is in your hip pocket.
  • FREE BONUS: Exclusive Access to My Inner Circle. You’ll have instant access to my team and me through our private Facebook community.
  • FREE BONUS: (6) Foundational Coaching Videos. Supercharge your results with these additional coaching videos for my 8-Week Kickstart students.
  • FREE BONUS: Transformation Tracking Charts. Supercharge your results by tracking your meals, progress, and body fat with these expert-approved tracking charts.
  • FREE BONUS: Fat Blasting Recipe Videos. Supercharge your results by tracking your meals, progress, and body fat with these expert-approved tracking charts.

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