Dowdell Fitness Systems – The Story

Dowdell Fitness Systems – The Story

Back in April of 2016, I closed my gym, Peak Performance, due to some unfortunate circumstances with a contractor while

building out a new 25,000 square foot facility where I was planning on relocating and expanding the Peak brand. So after a

successful 19 year run in NYC (which was not easy) and being on the brink of taking the next step with Peak, I found myself

without my business and brand that I had worked my ass off to build.


I was not only devastating for myself but also for those individuals around me that were negatively affected, like my staff,

trainers, and clients. It took me a while to process everything and I was literally on an emotional roller coaster for about 9

months. I was not only struggling with the concept of having to start all over but also what direction was I going to take. It

wasn’t until I went home to see my family over Christmas time that I decided I was going to go in a completely different

direction from the brick and mortar world that I knew so well.


I decided that I wanted to build a brand that was going to be able to reach people all over the world and not just inside the 4

walls of my gym. It was at that moment that I embarked on a 13-month journey of building Dowdell Fitness Systems which is

the culmination of 20+ years of my accumulated knowledge and hands-on experience in the fitness industry. As a result, I’ve

created a three-tier online coaching platform with the first tier being a “pick your own fitness adventure” concept and the other

two being much more hands-on and premium in nature. To date, I have designed over 50 programs (ranging from 8 weeks to

16 weeks in duration) so there is literally a program for everybody.



The Program Builder that I created will suggest the best starting point(s) within my training system based on your response to a

series of questions about your training experience, environment, and desired goal. Once you are part of my coaching platform,

the system is designed to continually help guide you along your fitness journey. All of my programs are meticulously designed

by me and optimized to help you achieve your goals in a smart and efficient manner. In order to leave no stone unturned in

ensuring your success, I will give you exclusive access to a wealth of resources including client education videos, exercise

demonstration videos and detailed descriptions of the movement as well as my unique recovery calculator just to name a few.



In addition to all of my programs available through my Program Builder (link below), I offer three premium coaching

opportunities which all include Coaching calls. The first program is my 6 Month Body & Lifestyle Transformation Program

which is a small group program (only open to 10 people at a time) and it’s definitely one of most well-designed and

comprehensive coaching programs available online. Finally, I have my two most custom and bespoke programs, the Platinum

Level Coaching Program, and my Hybrid Coaching Program. The former allows the opportunity to work with me both

remotely and privately and the latter is a combination of one-on-one remote coaching as well as in-person training. All three of

these opportunities require an application and a video call so we can ensure that we’ll be a great fit for each other. The truth is I

can design you the best training and nutrition plan but if you don’t enjoy working with me or you aren’t willing to follow the

plan then you’re probably never going to get the results you want. So, it’s better to make sure that you choose not only the

program that suits you but the training style. All of that matters when you have a goal to achieve. Being comfortable and happy

with how you are training makes all the difference! If you’d like to know more, check out these pages:

Program Builder

All Programs 



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  1. Oh you are a true inspiration. Thank you for sharing your personal journey. Your willingness to share allows others to see, not only in health and fitness, but all of life, it’s a process with highs and lows. You had setbacks, re-evaluation of goals/dreams, trials, and breakthroughs. It was not a quick fix or simple “pill” to take, but a process. Thank you Joe

    1. You’re welcome Lauren and thank you for reading my post and taking the time to comment.

      I think people, especially on the internet, like to present a facade that their life is amazing (perfect) either because they are afraid of what others will think or say or they’ve read that they should fake it till they make it.

      The reality is, most of us have successes and failures (professionally and personally) and varying degrees of emotional highs and lows. The key is to have a good support network and realize that no matter how bad a situation may be, you can use it as a learning experience and get back in the fight.



      1. Thank you again Joe.

        Just got a chance to read your most recent post. You truly live showing strength, courage, humility, grace and positivity. What a role model you are! Keep shining!

        1. Thanks again. Have a great day! Cheers.

  2. I enjoyed the story Joe. I can recall our own story with two failed investor attempts. In the end, it helped us be where we are at now. We have the opportunity to serve others become healthier. That is a blessing. Thank you for being honest and sharing your story.

    1. Thanks, Jimmy! Glad things worked out in the end for you. Keep up the great work. Best, Joe

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