8 Week Training Program for Female Models

The 8 Week Training Program for Female Models is designed to help you get leaner and more toned. I decided to create this program after speaking privately with a few agents and models as well as witnessing what many of the “model gyms and trainers” were doing with their female model clients. Let’s just say, the training could be much better.

In addition to providing you a smart, well-designed approach to training which I’ve been successfully using with my clients over the last 20 years, I also wanted to dispel a lot of the misinformation that is being directed your way.

Below you will find both the Program Builder as well as the Nutrition Planner so please answer the questions appropriately and it will provide you with the correct training program and 7-Day Nutrition Plan for your current goals and needs.

Program Builder

Nutrition Planner

Daily Caloric Needs:

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