12 Week Advanced In Home Program For Women


This program is delivered via my Dowdell Fitness Systems Coaching App available for iOS and Android. You will benefit from having more detail and most of all be able to access in app features.


The Advanced In-Home program is designed to build upon the fitness level that was gained during the Beginner In-Home program or if you have between 1-2 years of training experience. It is much more challenging and just like the beginner program, you will have three strength training sessions per week as well as three cardio workouts.

The program itself requires a Deluxe Home Gym setup so please see the info below. For your convenience, I have asked the people at Perform Better to create 8 different Deluxe Home Gym packages for me.

Now if you think you may want &/or will need a wider variety of dumbbell options than what is already inside the pre-designed Deluxe Home Gym packages, I would highly recommend substituting the individual pairs of dumbbells with a set of Power Blocks. In addition, I would also suggest upgrading to the Adjustable Flat to Incline bench as well but that is up to you.

Please click on the following link to have a look at your In-Home Gym options: Gym Packages

Once you purchase this Program, you will be redirected to a “Sign Up” page. Once you sign up for the app you will receive an e-mail with further instruction on how to download the app in both iOS and Android versions onto your tablet or device.


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