12 Week Advanced Strength & Power Program for Women

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This program is delivered via my Dowdell Fitness Systems Coaching App available for iOS and Android. You will benefit from having more detail and most of all be able to access in app features.

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This 12-week program is designed for the girl who wants to continue to build on the muscular strength & power that was achieved during the 16-Week Strength & Power Program.

Inside the App, you will find everything you need in order to get the most out of this experience. You will learn about the different components that make up a well-designed training session as well as various strategies for enhancing your recovery from training. There is a Coaching section where you will have access to eight short coaching videos in order to educate you on a variety of topics pertaining to the program. I’ve also included a nutritional handbook to help teach you proper nutritional habits for living a healthier, leaner lifestyle.

Finally, you will find the training programs themselves (see below for more detail) which not only include all of the program details but also short video clips of all of the movements, exercise descriptions, coaching tips, etc.

As for the training program itself, it consists of three, 4-week training blocks (which scale up in intensity from phase to phase). Each block is broken down into two main components, the strength training sessions, and energy system development (i.e., cardio) sessions and there will also be two days with a linear emphasis and two days with a multi-directional one in order to maximize athletic performance. I’ve provided some additional program details below:

Strength Training Sessions
  • The strength training workouts will be performed three times per week on non-consecutive days (i.e., M, W, and F).
  • Each total body strength training session will be preceded by some Foam Rolling (optional) and a short dynamic warm-up (i.e., Movement Preparation). And it will be followed up with some light static stretching.
  • The sessions should take under an hour including the warm-up and stretch.
Energy System Development (ESD) Sessions.
  • In addition to the conditioning section at the end of the strength training workouts, you will also perform two days of additional Cardio sessions which should be performed on the days in between the strength training sessions.
  • The focus will be on developing your aerobic base so that we can eventually introduce some higher intensity work.
  • The sessions will vary in duration from 20-45 minutes depending on your current fitness level.


Once you purchase this Program, you will be redirected to a “Sign Up” page. Then after you sign up for the app you will receive an e-mail with further instruction on how to download the app in both iOS and Android versions onto your tablet or device.


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