12 Week Legs & Butt Specialization Program for Women

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This program is delivered via my Dowdell Fitness Systems Coaching App available for iOS and Android. You will benefit from having more detail and most of all be able to access in app features.

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This 12–week program for women is specifically designed with an emphasis on training the legs and butt. That being said, you will also train the upper body one day per week in conjunction with one of your lower body days and you have the option of doing an additional Upper Body only session per week. In addition to the strength training programs, there are two ESD (i.e., cardio) programs for each phase. One will be an interval-based workout designed to improve your conditioning (and burn extra calories) and the other program is a low intensity, steady state aerobic recovery session designed to help facilitate your recovery from the week’s training.

Once you purchase this Program, you will be redirected to a “Sign Up” page. Once you sign up for the app you will receive an e-mail with further instruction on how to download the app in both iOS and Android versions onto your tablet or device.


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