Shredded in 90 Program for Women – Commercial Gym Version


This program is delivered via my Dowdell Fitness Systems Coaching App available for iOS and Android. You will benefit from having more detail and most of all be able to access in app features.


This 90-day program is designed to get you lean. The program consists of four, 4-week training phases consisting of three total body strength training sessions and three energy system development (ESD) sessions per week. The workouts scale up in intensity and complexity over the phases. It will also have an accompanying nutrition program that is designed to work synergistically with each training phase. It includes three, 4-week meal plans (recipes included) which on your specific calorie level which is predetermined by the calorie calculator. You will receive an email with a link to a Calorie Calculator that is used specifically for this program.

Once you purchase this Program, you will be redirected to a “Sign Up” page. Once you sign up for the app you will receive an e-mail with further instruction on how to download the app in both iOS and Android versions onto your tablet or device.


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