Shredded In 90: The Perfect Body Playbook for Men

Imagine yourself with a rock-hard body featuring a solid 6-pack, sleeve-busting arms, sculpted shoulders, and a chiseled chest. The eye-catching, muscular body we’re talking about is what I call “shredded.” It’s that strong, lean, and athletic look that women go crazy for and other men can’t help but notice. And thanks to Shredded in 90, the perfect body is no longer reserved just for elite athletes, movie stars, and fitness models.

Whether your results have plateaued, your workouts have gone stale, or you’re simply not seeing the changes in the mirror that you desire, my Perfect Body Playbook For Men is guaranteed to transform you from an average Joe to a muscular machine. Get ready to love what you see in the mirror, be the envy of all your friends, and leave your significant other in awe.

Shredded in 90 is a science-backed experience designed to blast fat (you can get down to single-digit body fat if you so please), supercharge your self-confidence (strangers will be checking you out), and leave you looking the part of the jacked, muscle-bound men you currently envy. Equally strong, jacked, lean, and shredded, this is the playbook to the perfect male body.  

What you can expect from Shredded in 90:

  • Rippling muscles. People will call you things like, “Jacked,” “Ripped,” “Cut,” & “Shredded.”
  • Washboard abs. Want a chiseled core? You’ll see a 6-pack every time you look down.
  • Sleeve-busting arms. Horseshoe triceps and bulging biceps guaranteed.
  • Minimal body fat. Belly fat, man boobs, and love handles will be things of the past.
  • Killer confidence. When you go from average to Adonis, your confidence skyrockets.
  • Incredible energy. Looking great and feeling great go hand in hand.
  • Optimal performance. You will perform better everywhere, from the gym to the office.
  • The lean, athletic look. You’re not going to be a beefy bodybuilder or a rail-thin runner.

You’re going to be the perfect blend of lean and strong.

Your Forging the Foundations: Your Shredded in 90 Perfect Body Bundle Includes:

  • The Shredded in 90 Lean Muscle Program. A step-by-step playbook for creating the perfect male body. The program is split into (3) 4-Week Phases of total-body strength training workouts and conditioning sessions to get you shredded.
  • The Shredded in 90 Nutrition Guide & Calorie Calculator. Find out exactly what to eat to blast fat & build muscle. Includes macronutrient breakdowns for each of the program’s 3 phases & teaches your body to blast fat for energy.
  • Muscle-Building Meal Replacement Options. Eating for lean muscle isn’t easy. Learn how to supercharge your shakes and eat (or drink) muscle-building meals on the go.
  • Get Shredded Exercise Videos. These exclusive videos are designed to help you master all of our muscle-building and fat-blasting movements. And with access to these videos straight from your phone, it will be like you have me right by your side guiding you through everything.
  • FREE BONUS: The Dowdell Fitness Systems Ultimate Exercise Mobile App. Get your workouts on the go, access all of the exercise videos with detailed descriptions, track your progress, & log your workout results straight into your phone. There’s no need to pack a notebook or print hundreds of pages. Everything you need for your transformation is literally in your hip pocket.
  • FREE BONUS: Exclusive Access to a Special Members’ Area. You’ll have instant access to the members’ area on my website where you will find helpful fitness and nutrition calculators, a frequently asked questions section as well as some delicious recipes.
  • FREE BONUS: Transformation Tracking Charts. Supercharge your results by tracking your meals, progress photos, circumference measurements and body fat with these expert-approved tracking charts.
  • FREE BONUS: Shredded in 90 Fat-Blasting Recipes. Learn how to create delicious, man-approved muscle-building meals without top-chef skills.

*2 Different Options Available. One for those using a deluxe home gym equipment setup and the other for those using a fitness facility.