video press

Take a look at some of the on screen press that has featured my fitness methods and programs

Men's health with christopher cuomo

These full-body exercises are unusual, exhausting, and very effective. Christopher Cuomo, an anchor with ABC News 20/20, builds hard muscle the hard way

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tv guide - ultimate you feature

TV Guide Special featuring my book The Ultimate You - focusing on a concept called metabolic disturbance. Showing you a way to make the most out of your workout. 


Lilliana Vazquez at NBC NY joins me at my Peak Performance Gym to see how I train celebrities, with a focus on different problem areas. Showing you how to get your body into A-list shape.

As Seen In

Dr oz show - how to combat ageing with exercise

I was a guest on the Dr Oz Show to help show people how you can battle the physical signs of ageing through effective and consistent exercising. Also features a live demonstration of what you can do at home.

abc news - training 'Big' from sex & the city

I had the pleasure of being able to train Chris Noth who plays the iconic character "Big" in Sex & The City. ABC News came along to my gym to find out more about his training regime.

peak performance mma strength & conditioning

I have had the pleasure of being able to train some of the best Mixed Martial Arts fighters in my Peak Performance gym in New York. A complete strength and conditioning program that gets fighters ready for combat.

my sizzle reel

Take a look at my very own sizzle reel - just a short video that really encapsulates my career as a fitness trainer and my accomplishments as well as some of the great clients I've been lucky to work with.

your perfect program

Take a look at some of the programs that I have created. Use the Program Builder to find the perfect one for you. Get closer to looking and feeling your best with my personalised and easy to follow programs.

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